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     I hired these cleaners after seeing what a terrific cleaning job they did at my mum's flat. They are professional, efficient, and detailed. My place looks amazing
Helena S.21/05/2020
     I wanted to throw a birthday surprise for my fiancĂ©e. I had so many things to attend to and cleaning my place would have been hard. I consulted my friends for a reliable house cleaning company and one name kept coming up, South Hackney Carpet Cleaning. They arrived on time, handled everything professionally. They also didn't mind the many questions I ask. Highly recommend.
     I'm extremely pleased with how my recent cleaning job from SouthHackneyCarpetCleaners went. They were all roundly professional, and extremely easy to deal with, which made the whole job a relaxed and pleasant one! I will certainly be calling them round again, should I have another need for a cleaner after a large event like I did this time round! Whilst they were all excellent in terms of doing their job and cleaning the place nicely, I was surprised by how cheap it was. Great work from all involved, I was very impressed all round.
Chris James31/07/2014
     I've tried for years to get my house to the same level of cleanliness as the rest of my friends but I never managed to. A few months ago they all decided to tell me that they've had a cleaner for all of these years from SouthHackneyCarpetCleaners which is why it looked so good all the time. I felt so cheated, but mostly I wanted that number! I'd already seen what the employees were capable of and when I called up for a quote, I was even more impressed. I can't believe this has been kept a secret from me all these years!
Rosie Holloway16/07/2014
     I love using this cleaning company! I've used a couple of other cleaning companies in the past but I've never been blown away by their services in the same way that I have been with SouthHackneyCarpetCleaners! My home looked immaculate when my cleaner was done - even picture-rails were free from dust and my cleaner had even found her way into those corners and places which are nearly impossible to reach! I think this company provides a great level of care for some pretty nice prices. I'll definitely be calling them again in the future and I'll be telling everyone I know about them too!